Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to re-book your procedure or consultation, kindly call us at 416-638-5889, at least 3 days before your scheduled appointment.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled procedure time so that we can register you.

Once you arrive at the clinic and have registered, you should expect to be at the clinic for about 3 hours. If you are having a Gastroscopy, it will take about 20 minutes. If you are having a Colonoscopy, it will take  about 45 minutes. If you are having BOTH procedures, it will take about 1 hour.

If any biopsies are taken during your procedure, it will take about two weeks from the day we send in your sample. We will then fax the results to your family physician.

Generally patients feel fine after a Gastroscopy and/or a Colonoscopy. You may however, feel woozy or groggy after the procedure so, every patient must have someone to take them home. We will provide you with some post procedure snacks to help you to regain your strength. Also, you will probably have some gas which will cause mild discomfort, but this feeling will subside as soon as you allow the gas to pass through.

Please speak with your prescribing doctor for specific instructions on Cannabis or other medications before a Colonoscopy procedure.

It is okay to have the procedure while a patient is in their PMS cycle. However, for sanitary purposes, using a tampon instead of a pad is recommended.

Patients can have a sip of water but they have to stop completely 3 hours before the appointment.

Yes, they can take their high blood pressure medication on the day of the procedure but, it has to be 3 hours before the procedure.

Yes, they can take some Tylenol to ease their headache pain. No other medication are recommended

Patients can take the  wheel-trans without being accompanied by someone however, those taking the taxi or public transit need to be accompanied by someone you know.

Yes, patients have to remove nail polish.

Yes, patients need to remove their jewelry before having the procedure. We strongly recommend patients  leave their valuable belongings at home.

We would recommend patients with a fever and breathing problems due to their cold and flu cycle re-book their appointment.

It depends, the patient has to check with their family doctor. Usually, after minor procedures, the patient can book a Colonoscopy or Gastroscopy with us after 3 months of their surgery or 6 months for any other major surgery. However, we recommend patients consult with their doctors before they decide to do anything else.

It is recommended patients not have any nuts or seeds 5 days prior to the procedure. However, if you accidentally had small amounts of nuts or tomatoes within the 5 day period, it is okay to have the procedure. Just stop immediately and do not eat anymore seeds or nuts because they are hard to flush out.

Yes, you can. Patients can eat right away after their procedure. However, just eat anything that is easy to digest such as a soup or salad, and then a normal diet at dinner time.

No, you can’t. Within a 24 hour period from the time of procedure, you can’t have any alcohol at all.

Patients should take the day off when they are scheduled to have the procedure. Patients will be sedated and will not be able to drive or perform work within 24 hours of the procedure. It is recommended that the patient should not sign any contracts, drive, or do any heavy lifting within 24 hours of the procedure.

Yes, you do. Even though, the procedure is only for 2-3 hours, there may be some unexpected delay due to a previous patient complication or poor preparation that the doctor needs to spend extra time on. Also, patients cannot drive afterwards since they will be sedated Therefore, it is best to take a whole day off.

If you have a 9-5 job – no, you don’t. You just need to maintain a clear fluid diet throughout your days and have the medication such as PEGLYTE or PICO-SALAX after you are settling in from work. The time to start the medication can be pushed back as long as you have enough time to prepare. Make sure to drink a lot of fluid to do this preparation. Your body need at least 4L of fluid to help clear out your guts.
If you work the night shift, then you will need to take the time off.

It is a strict rule that you can’t go home by yourself since you will be sedated. You have to have someone to take you home period, or be with you if you choose public transit or taxi.

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