Urea Breath test Preparation Instructions

IMPORTANT – Following these instructions are important for the most accurate results, if there is any confusion please call 416-638-5889 with any questions or concerns.

4 Weeks Before Your Appointment

You MUST NOT take any antibiotics within 4 weeks before your appointment date.

4 Hours Before Your Appointment

Please do not consume  food, drinks or smoke 4 hours before your appointment time.

At The Appointment

  • Please arrive at 2175 Sheppard Avenue East at your appointment time. Please check in at unit 308 on the third floor at your appointment time
  • There is a cost of $100.00 for this test. This must be made on the day of your appointment. We accept cash or cheque. We are not able to process debit or credit payments.
  • Your test will take approximately 1 hour to complete
  • The nurse will first take a fasting breath sample from you, followed by a urea drink and another breath sample
  • You will need to wait at the clinic for 30 MINUTES in between the two tests – you may not leave during this time
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