SIBO Breath Test Preparation Instructions

There is a cost of $175.00 for this test.

IMPORTANT – Before you start the breath test, a 24 hour preparation period is required.  This consists of a 12 hour restricted diet, then a 12 hour fasting period, followed by 3 hours of actual testing.

Please follow the guidelines below

14 Days Before Your Test

  • Wait 14 days after antibiotic treatment, antifungal treatment, undergoing Barium study and / or a colonoscopy (Regular home enemas like ‘Fleet’ are okay)

4 Days Before Your Test

  • Discontinue probiotics 4 days prior to the test
  • Discontinue laxative, any form, including Vitamin C and Magnesium, 4 days prior to the test

1-2 Days Before Your Test

  • 1-2 days prior, refrain from eating all high-fiber, lactose containing foods or slow to digest foods. Foods to avoid include: bran, coarse breads, nuts, beans & starches except for rice

12 Hours Before Your Test

Preparation Diet – The first 12 hours you must limit your diet to the foods listed below:

• You may drink plain water, coffee, tea (no sugar/artificial sweeteners or cream to be added)
• Any meat, seafood/fish, poultry (baked or broiled)
• Salt & pepper seasonings only
• Plain white rice (if you are on a grain free diet, please do not consume rice
• White bread
• Eggs
• Clear chicken or beef broth (no bouillon, bone/cartilage or vegetable broth)
• Fats/ oils including coconut, olive, vegetable oil, butter or lard
• Weak black coffee or tea. NO sweeteners, milk, cream, green tea or herbal teas.

Note – If you are uncertain if something will affect the test, AVOID consuming the product or consult your physician prior to the test.

1 Hour Before Your Test

  • No smoking, including second-hand smoke, for at least 1 hour before or during the test
  • No sleeping or vigorous exercise for at least 1 hour before or during the test
  • If you are on any medication or special diet that conflict with test instructions it is recommended to speak with your physician before the test

Sample Collection & Sending Your Kit Back To Us.

  • Download SIBO test sample collection instructions. Follow the steps in collecting the sample.
  • Only include the SIBO Timetable and your 10 tubes (placed back into bubble wrapped packaging). Seal the box with tape to ensure it does not open during delivery. The return label is already attached to the box. 
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